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Solutions That We Offer

Alarm Systems

Wired and Wireless Alarm Systems for outdoor and indoor use.
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Access Control

We install and maintain leading Access Control Systems (Biometrics, Tags)
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CCTV Security Systems

We install a wide variety of surveillance systems for business and home owners.
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Electric Fencing

Our quality and innovative electric fencing products are of the highest standard.
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Gate & Garage Automation

Secure your property with the latest Gate & Garage Automation technology.
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Repairs & Maintenance

We supply various repair and maintenance services for all security products.
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Reasons Why You Should Choose Us

Emergency Assistance

We are always available to assist you with emergency repairs on your security systems.

Affordable Rates

Our rates are very competitive & affordable

Industry Leading Products

All our security products are of the highest standard and have been thoroughly tested.

Unmatched Experience

Valley Security was founded in 2009 by a team of security industry experts.

Reliable and Proven

With having served over 4000 clients around Gauteng, we know what it takes to be the best.

Friendly & Professional Staff

All of our team members strive to uphold the highest levels of professionalism.

Additional Security Solutions That We Offer

Effective & Efficient Intercom Systems

Where access blends with technology

We install & maintain a range of wired and GSM (Cell Phone) based intercom systems for home and business use. Whether the intercom is used by 4 or 400 people, we have a wide variety of solutions geared towards your specific situation at hand. Get in touch to find out more.

Review your surveillance cameras from a remote location

HD Quality CCTV Systems designed for multiple uses in mind

Need to view your Business or Home from anywhere in the world? We have the solution to remotely access your CCTV system. HD quality is a given and recordings can stored for as long as you require. From one camera monitoring a driveway gate to your nanny/kids at home – we have the system to suit your needs

Basic & Advanced Boom Gate Systems

Regulate traffic and manage access control to your property

Valley installs, repairs and maintains Automatic and Manual boom gate systems. Automatic boom gates paired with access control measures and CCTV systems free up your Guards to do actual guarding checks and perimeter inspections

Whether you goal is to regulate tarffic or manage access control, you can rest assured knowing that we will have the perfect solution for your entrance.

Road Enclosures Designed To Work

Get it done right with Valley Security

Valley has extensive knowledge and experience with Road Enclosures and Gated Communities. We help plan, design, implement and maintain solutions that take over the burden of managing your Enclosure. Paired with a SLA and a weekly or monthly report, Homeowner Associations etc have due diligence measures in place.

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