Ajax MotionCam Outdoor

Lightning-fast alarms. Verified.

MotionCam Outdoor recognizes intrusion from the very first steps on the territory and confirms it with an animated series of photos (not video!!)

Visual verification helps to instantly ascertain the situation, saving users from concerns, and security companies from unnecessary patrol dispatches

The MotionCam Outdoor is only compatible with the Hub 2 (2G)Hub 2 (4G) and Hub 2 Plus

*Compatible with Rex 2 only. Not compatible Rex (1) range extender.

Ajax MotionCam Outdoor is a wireless outdoor motion detector that detects movement at a distance of 3 to 15 meters and includes a built-in camera for alarm verification (photos only, not video). It also has anti-masking protection and ignores animals when correctly configured and installed
Technical Specs
Motion detection Distance 3-15m
PET Immunity
Anti Masking
Service Life 10 Years
Photo in case of Alarm  320 x 176 pixels (default)
                                                     640 x 352
Shooting Series up tp 5 photo’s