Electric Fencing Solutions

Residential, Industrial & Commercial

Valley Security is an industry leader in the installation, repair and maintenance of electric fencing. Nemtek’s extensive range of quality and innovative security electric fencing products work to ensure the safety of your home. Our robust fences act as a deterrent to criminals, and provide you with advanced warning, should the fence be tampered with or compromised.

We install a variety of specialised electric fencing products that can be tailored to suit your exact requirements. Whether you are a home owner or a business, we have the perfect solutions for you.

Perimeter Electric Fencing

Product Features

  • Economical & Easy

    An electric fence is half the cost of traditional perimeter barriers and takes less than half the time to build and maintain.

  • Versatility

    Almost any existing perimeter structure can be modified to include an electric fencing component on or underneath it.

  • High Grade Safety

    When compared to an intrusion deterrent like barbed wire, electric fences are a safer way to secure your property

  • Less Maintenance Costs

    Electric fences are composed of steel or aluminum wires that have been coated with a protective material to prevent rusting.

  • Deterrence, Detection, and Delay

    Electric fences deter intruders from accessing your property, standing in their way as a physical, intimidating barrier.

  • Safer For Livestock

    Barbed wire fences can cause major injury to livestock that may get tangled within the wires.

Reliable & Effective

Electric Fencing For All Needs

Economical, reliable and effective designs have been our focus over the past ten years, ensuring exceptional electric fence performance on a daily basis. Nemtek’s range offers innovative solutions for many types of residential application, with numerous styles available so that you can choose an aesthetically-pleasing design.

For more information regarding our electric fencing products, please give us a call or simply send us a message through the form below. One of our friendly security experts will be in touch to discuss your needs.