Gate & Garage Automation

Make Life Simple & Safer

In a gate motor you are looking for reliability, sturdiness, strength and battery backup (very important for safety, blackouts and if there is restricted access into the property). Our preferred supplier is Centurion. With locally made products (for SA conditions) and easy access to spare parts it is the obvious choice.

Built-in lightning and surge protection also means that an easy repair does not become an expensive replacement. Garage door motors are similar to gate motors with regards to strength, battery backup etc. Please enquire about your specific application – sectional, tip up or roll up.

Gate & Garage Automation

Available Features

  • Intercom Integration

    We will integrate your gate receivers with your intercom system for better access control.

  • Safety Beams & Security Lights

    Safety Beams and Safety Lights can be installed to ensure that no unwanted damage is caused to your vehicle.

  • Pressure Sensors

    Pressure sensors can be installed in front your gate and will activate once a vehicle drives over them.

  • Pedestrian Key Switch/Keypad

    Having  a pedestrian gate with access control is much safer than always opening the main gate.

  • Proximity Reader Access

    Proximity Reader Access products are a great and efficient solution available for property access.

  • Magnetic locks & Integration

    We also install and integrate a variety of magnetic locks suited for different security concerns.

First-Line Defense Against Unwanted Access

Secure Your Property The Right Way!

Knowing if you have done enough to secure your family and property is always a tough question to answer. At Valley Security, we understand the importance and expertise it takes to effectively implement the correct security measures to ensure your safety. Gate Automation is a frst-line defense against unwanted access to your property.

If you are unsure about the various options available, or if you would simply like to chat to one of our security experts, then please give us a call.