PMD85 Wireless outdoor Motion Detector

Wireless Outdoor Motion Detector for security alarm systems.


  • Pet friendly up to 40Kg
  • Detection range 11 meters 90 degree
  • One SB85 wall mounting bracket included
  • One horizontal curtain beam L1 lens included
  • L1 lens allows large-breed dogs and multiple pets to roam freely below the 1.1m detection level
  • L1 lens detection range is 11 meters 85°
  • Impact and temperature resistant casing
  • UV protected lens

DG85 (40kg True Pet Immunity)

Wired Passive

11m x 11m Detection

Reliable & False Alarm Free

Dual Optics

Digital Dual Opposed Detection

Multi Level Sensitivity Adjustment

Two Operational Modes (Bus & Relay operation)

476/476 PET

Extremely high EMI & RFI Rejection

Only Surface Mount Components

Solid State Relay

11m x 11m x 110°

476 – No Pet Immunity

476 PET – Pet Immunity up to 18kgs

For Animals over 18kgs rather look at DG75 as Altenative


Catch Performance

Even Detection

No Dead Zones

Response to movements – Slow & Fast

False Alarm Immunity Paradox Technology, Auto Pulse Signal Processing (APSP) 7 Dual Single Edge Processing.

Pet Immunity up to 16Kgs

Adjustable Creep Zone

NVX80 with Anit Masking & SeeTrue Technology
Powerful Indoor & Outdoor Detector

NVX80 Brochure
SeeTrueTM Technology

Identifies camouflaged movements used to breach common PIR & dual tech detectors.

Sensitivity is enhanced while maintaining reliability (even in high temperature environments) – no compromise on false alarm immunity.

The only TRUE Anti – Cloacking detector . Recommended for high security applications where cloaking practices are prevalent.

Active IR &MW (Patented) Anti-Masking Detection

The NVX80 Recognizes:

Objects Placed in close proximity (within 30cm)

Objects Placed directly on the lens (clear lacquer, clear adhesive tape, aluminum foil etc)

Degradation of the lens by dirt or dust

Movement within close range of the unit (0.5-2m) – range is customizable.

Dedicated Creep Detector

Integrated Creep Detection unit with dedicated sensor & circuitry provides:

  • Highly sensitive & reliable creep protection of a large creep area (0.1 – 3m)
  • Enables independent customization of creep sensitivity to secure the area directly below the detector.
Pet ImmunityTM (Patented Paradox Technology)

Integrated Creep Detection unit with dedicated sensor & circuitry provides:

  • Size discrimination to filter out objects under 80cm high, preventing pets  weighing up to 20kg from triggering the detector & creating a false alarm.

The NV780MR Motion Detector with Anti Masking

NV780MR rugged indoor/outdoor detector incorporates two double passive infrared side-by-side detectors (right and left view), independent of each other with separate anti mask detection for each side.

The optics are specially designed to provide multiple narrow beams for excellent detection covering up to 12m for each side

Dual side anti-masking detection – Active IR detection, fast 20 seconds detection designed for outdoor detecting sprayed liquids and blocking items up to 25 cm
Pet Immunity capability, up to 40 kg

DG75 (Wired) PMD75 (Wireless)

Wired / Wireless Indoor Passive

Reliable & False Alarm Free

40kg Pet Immunity

Digital Dual Opposed Detection

11m x 11m x 90°

DG55 / DG65

DG55 – Dual Sensor Opposed Detection

DG65 – Quad Element Sensor

Interlock Sensor Geometry which provides greater coverage over longer distances more effectively that conventional Sensors

12mx 12m x 110deg

Ideal for Warehouses / Showrooms


The NV35 series provides a superior Outdoor & Indoor Solution forr window &Sliding Door protection, with 2 operation modes: PET Immune Mode 7.5m x 2m & Sharp Mode (Single beam break triggers alarm) – Indoor Only. 10 x 2m with dual verification detection.

The NV35M Offers a narrow beam optic pattern 0.5 x 5m, enabling movement in proximity to the protected door or window without false alarms

Integrated Creep Zone Detection

Dual detectors controlled by Full Authority Digital Electronics Control. (FADEC)

Optical Pet discrimination geometry to support Super Pet Immunity

Dual tamper detection

Wired Solid State Relay Output

525DM Microwave & Infrared Digital Detector

14m x 14 x 90°

Digital microwave/infrared detection

Dynamic proximity feature allows for the detection of close proximity movements (less than 0.75m) within the detector range.

Adjustable microwave range

2 Pulse settings; one for typical environment(normal) and one for high false alarm rejection(high)

Installer Test Mode: test microwave and infrared detection individually.

460 Vertical Motion Detector (detection for door entry)

Adjustable lens position (0° or 10°)

Selectable operational voltage (12Vdc or 24Vdc)

Adjustable alarm signal duration

Detects hand sized objects for card access applications: 2m x 1.5m

Detects body sized objects for security applications: 6m x 4.5m

360° Ceiling Mounted Digital Motion Detector

Two operational modes (addressable for Digiplex & Digiplex EVO series or conventional relay operation)

Dual opposed element sensor

Digital detection

7m x 6m at 2.4m

11m x 6m at 3.7m

360° viewing angle

Ideal for offices/lounges/dining room