FR28-4 – Stand Alone Smoke Detector

10 year life span

Test button

Full circle alarm LED light

Size: Φ70 x 33mm

Power: built-in DC 3V Lithium battery (battery not replaceable)

Operation Current: <4μA (standby), <70mA (alarm)

Alarm Volume: > 85dB(A) at 3 meters

Alarm Sensitivity: 0.09 – 0.17dB/m

FR22-1  – Wired Smoke Detector

Operating voltage: 12VDC

Output: NC

Coverage: 6 – 12 meters, height at 60m²

For use with conventional alarm systems

Requires Open Zone

SD360 – Wireless Smoke Detector

Test / Mute button

Long battery life

LED operation indicator

Battery operated

Built-in siren (85db at 3m)

Operates at 433MHz

*Requires RTX3 wireless receiver or use with Paradox MG5050 or Paradox MG6250 consoles in 433Mhz